Production capabilities

Discover company potential and production capabilities of Gajewski Engineered Wood Flooring.

All our products are manufactured according to state-of-the-art technology and highest quality standards.
Our products comply with EU standards and testing regulations.

Over 30 Years of Experience in Exporting Flooring Worldwide

  • Operating in the global market for over 30 years
  • Supplying our floors to 42 countries worldwide
  • Land, sea and air transportation options
  • Short lead times even for large orders
  • Flexible cooperation including white labeling and private label arrangements

Commitment to Flooring Quality from the Very Beginning

  • European origin of wood – certified oak from Polish forests
  • Initial raw material optimization
  • In-house sawmill with modern production lines

Modern Wood Planing Production Line

  • Line efficiency of 15,000m³ per year
  • Full control of the planing process
  • Horizontal track
  • Vertical track
  • Wood optimization and initial selection

Lamella Flooring Production Lines

  • Efficient Mini Vertical Tracks for cutting wood into lamellas
  • Saw thickness of 0.9mm
  • Automated robot for arranging lamellas before drying

Efficient Parquet and Mosaic Production Line

  • Automated optimization of parquets
  • Production of components for wooden  kitchen and table tops
  • Oak strips for mosaic parquet production

Modern and Highly Efficient Wood Drying Chambers

  • Reduction of wood drying time from several weeks to as fast as 26 hours
  • Fully computerized control of the wood drying process
  • Fast drying of the wood, allowing to maintain a uniform, light color of the oak

Automated and Highly Efficient Two-Layer Engineered Wood Board Gluing Line

  • Panel saw – preparing the bottom layer of the board
  • Production line efficiency of 6000m² of boards per day
  • Robotic press for gluing two-layer boards
  • Cold press
  • Robotic cutting and trimming line

Efficient Engineered Oak Parquet Gluing Line

  • Bottom layer of parquet made from oak mosaic
  • Parquet hot press
  • Production line efficiency of 750m² of parquet per day

Modern and Robotized Engineered Wood and Parquet Profiling Line

  • Precision – precise profiling of boards
  • Tongue and groove joining mechanism
  • Board processing on all sides

Engineered Wood Board Lacquering

  • Modern line for applying six layers of lacquer
  • UV-curing of lacquer
  • Production line efficiency of 6000m² per day
  • Precise control of lacquer gloss
  • Floors ready for installation immediately after leaving the production line

Line for Waxoiling Boards and Parquets

  • Efficient production line for applying layers of oil waxes
  • Surface brushing – aging effect
  • UV-curing of oil waxes
  • Air-dried oxidizing oils or oil waxes

Modern Surface Structuring Processes for Boards

  • Surface brushing effect
  • Surface sanding – saw effect
  • Embossing and curing – tanzo effect

Efficient Board Packaging Line

  • Automatic board packaging machine
  • Eco-friendly packaging

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