Finger jointed worktops and solid oak panels

The Gajewski brand’s oak solid board is an excellent choice for enthusiasts of natural wood beauty who are seeking a durable and elegant solution for various applications, such as furniture production, tabletops, kitchen worktops, interior windowsills, stairs, or tasteful bookshelves.

A 100% natural plank made from oak lamellas, glued along the entire length and width, and additionally joined with micro-tenons – providing not only an aesthetic appearance but also durability for many years!

The Natural Beauty of Wooden Boards for Various Applications

  • Our solid boards are crafted from the highest quality oak lamellas sourced during the production of Gajewski wooden floors. They can be widely used, including as furniture worktops, kitchen worktops, construction panels, or woodworking boards. The oak lamellas and the proper joining technology result in our solid oak boards and worktops being exceptionally resilient to loads and mechanical damage.
  • Gajewski solid oak worktops are available in three oak wood classes: Select, Rustic, and Bianko. Each of them provides distinct visual impressions and can serve as inspiration for diverse design concepts within your space.
  • The lamellas are precisely glued and additionally joined “along their length” using micro-tenons, which ensures excellent material strength. At the final stage of the laminate production process, our boards are meticulously sanded, starting with coarser sandpaper grits and finishing with a 180 grit. Thorough surface sanding guarantees smoothness and uniformity of the worktop, enhancing the absorption of protective agents.
  • The product is sold in its “raw” form, which means that the buyer should properly protect the board’s surface before use, depending on its intended purpose.
  • Recommended protections against moisture for the wooden countertop:
    • Impregnation: deeply penetrates the wood’s structure, providing long-lasting protection against moisture.
    • Oil treatment: emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood, giving it softness and a unique shine.
    • Varnishing: with its durable coatings, shields the countertop from scratches and water infiltration.
    • Wax coatings: create a velvety film, splendidly highlighting the wood’s natural appearance.
  • The standard dimensions for Gajewski solid oak worktops and boards are 3000mm x 630mm, with a thickness of 22mm. We also inform you that the maximum dimensions of our laminated boards are 3030mm x 1200mm. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Office to place an order for the appropriate dimensions in your case.

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