Welcome to the Natural World of Gajewski Wooden Floors

Parquets from Gajewski Company – since 1988 we have been combining tradition with modernity

For several decades, we have been producing the highest quality wooden floors and parquets, which thanks to the highest quality have gained recognition around the world. We have the most modern, technologically advanced machine park for the production of two-layer parquets and floorboards covered with oil-wax or varnish.

Manufacturer of Wooden Floors for Generations

We continuously monitor the quality of our floors. We are a family-owned company with deep-rooted traditions. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we welcome young and enthusiastic individuals into our company, who serve you with their professional knowledge and full commitment.

Oak: Durability from the heart of nature

We have chosen oak as the finest material for our floors. This particular wood not only guarantees timeless aesthetics but is also renowned for its exceptional durability and resilience against external factors. It’s no coincidence that oak has been a symbol of power, strength, and endurance since ancient times.

The Monarch of Trees

The Latin name for oak is Robur (which literally means ‘oak tree’). Reflecting ancient beliefs, oak was considered the ‘monarch of trees’ and also revered as the ‘royal tree’.

Genuine Wood Flooring, Not Imitation

The floorboards available in our range exhibit various refined technical parameters, but their most significant feature is that they are crafted from genuine wood.

Each board we use undergoes meticulous quality checks and verification. The entire technological process, starting from sourcing the raw materials to the final finishing touches, is meticulously monitored in accordance with our rigorous quality policy.

A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Following our tradition, we always prioritize the highest quality of flooring. The utilization of premium materials, coupled with modern production technologies and advanced quality control, ensures that we guarantee the delivery of the finest floors in the market.

Innovative production lines enable swift and precise execution of manufacturing processes. Machines and robots are operated by experienced personnel, who uphold accuracy and repeatability at every production stage. This allows us to achieve high efficiency and the highest globally acknowledged quality.

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