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wooden floor catalogue

Durable floor boards are a new significantly improved product of our company. Innovative boards are manufactured owing to the contact force and appropriate thermal treatment. The processes significantly contribute to improved utility values of the product. Owing to the applied modifications the board is harder and stronger. Additionally, in terms of usefulness, the product is characterized by increased resistance to scratch and reduced roughness. Charring makes the floor sunlight resistant and prevents its decolorization.
Tests conducted by Wydział Technologii Drewna (Faculty of Wood Technology) at the SGGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences) in Warsaw
Patent No. P420137

Collection: TANZO
Wood species: Oak
Top layer: 3,8 mm
Surface treatment: oiled
Bevel: 4-sides bevel
Underfloor Heating: suitable
Hardness: 5,96 !!!
Dimension: 1600x160x11mm
m2/package: 2,56
Packages/palette: 40
m2/palette: 102,40 m2

Oiled4-sides bevelOakMediumFashionableSuitable for underfloor heatingTop layer: 3,8mmTop layer: 6mmUnique designsPonadprzeciętna twardość25 lat gwarancjiInnowacyjna technologia