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wooden floor catalogue

Collection: Concept 2000
: 1800x180x15mm & 1600x160x11mm
Grading: natural colour variations, lively grain, knots till 10mm and wood mirrors allowed
Collection: Concept 1200 & Concept 600
: 1200x120x11mm & 600x120x11mm
Grading: natural colour variations, lively grain, limited knots till 5mm in wood colour, wood mirrors allowed
Wood species: Oak
Surface treatment: colour oiled
Bevel: 4-sides bevel
Structure: sanded

Joint system: Tongue & Groove
Laying: glued over the entire surface
Bottom layer: plywood birch
Serviceable life: can be sanded repeatedly
Underfloor Heating: suitable
Wood Moisture Content: 7 +/-2%
Fire safety class: Cfk-s1

Dimension: 1800x180x15 mm
Top layer: 3,8mm
m2/package: 1,944
Packages/palette: 40
m2/palette: 77,76m2
Dimension: 1600x160x11 mm
Top layer: 3,8mm
m2/package: 2,56
Packages/palette: 40
m2/palette: 102,40m2
Dimension: 1200x120x11 mm
Top layer: 3,8mm
m2/package: 2,88
Packages/palette: 24
m2/palette: 69,12m2
Dimension: 600x120x11 mm
Top layer: 3,8mm
m2/package: 2,160
Packages/palette: 42
m2/palette: 90,72m2

OiledSize: 1600/1800mm4-sides bevelOakLightChild-friendly productTongue and grooveFashionableSuitable for underfloor heatingQuick installationTop layer: 3,8mm